Who am I?

 This question is asked by us, as long as we are able to think.

 One answer to that question could be: " I am many!"

 Whoof us does not know the phenomenon of the inner voices that direct us through our daily life?

 Anybody recognizes himself, and others, at certain moments as 'changed', 'out of all recognition', 'strange',but then again 'as usual'. This is one indication for the fact that we cannot always act or react in an 'integer' way, because different personalities are arguing in ourselves.

 Acting in a directed way gets more and more probable as we get to know ourselves, that is, our different personalities, better and stimulate them towards 'team-work' instead of letting them fight a power-struggle.

 The 'inner personalities' that everyone brings along at with incarnation, are the key to the understanding of: who and what we really are.

 In course of a life the temper, color and quality of each of this personalities, that in the end form our character, are disclosed.

 Robin has the gift to see and recognize the different personalities of an individual while he is painting a portait and to visualize the corresponding figures, colors, shapes and symbols on a linen. By his  ' Architecture of the soul' - Portraits he displays the person as whole on one canvas in such a way that one can recognize oneself in many places and probably be surprised by the own variegation and magnificent complexity.

Whoever likes to dis cover oneself in a complete form, generated by many incarnations, or wants to give others the possibility to do so, finds in the ' Arcitecture of the soul' - Portraits a precious piece of art that will also be valued by ones descendants.